If you want to have something you never have, you have to do something you have never done

Wanna be rich? Do what rich people do that you dont do.
Wanna be famous do what they do.
Wanna lose weight and get fit? Gotta do the work that fit people do.
Wanna achieve something that u never got? Gotta do something you have never done!
You cant expect to get something new, if you do same old thing.
To get results, you gotta do the action, and to do anything, you gotta have a reason to do it, and you gotta believe you can do it.
Be, do, have.
Ps, I cant seem to find the legit source for the quote in the title. Some say Thomas jefferson, but only found first published in 2004. I’ll stick with the unknown.

Being a leader

I was leading a few people on a new hike trail yesterday, and I realized i was a leader. It was not my intention, but i had become one.
I had gone on the trail a few times, and I was only roughly familiar with the route. But i was the only one familiar with the route. I have supervised a hike for a leadership camp before, but we had a guide to follow. And the route was fairly clear.

I realized this group was relying on me to get them through this. I was the one who can confidently traverse the terrain, I was the one fit to lead. There might have been in the group that were fitter, but they couldn’t lead as they didn’t know the route. There were markers on the route, I just needed to keep an eye on them. I had to ensure the group was together, so I had to slow myself and the fast ones down. I noticed the slow ones technique was tiring or inefficient,  so I went back and gave pointers. I only wished I had bought extra drinks so they could have a sip as theirs were finished.

I realized leading people in a hike is no different than leading people in general.
Either you have to know the way or have someone who does.
The leader needs to inform the followers what to expect, or what they are getting into so that they can make their own preparations.
The leader needs to be aware of the surrounding to make decisions as necessary.
The leader needs to be aware of the followers, and make decisions based on the collective interest.
The leader needs to assess the strength and weaknesses of the followers to adjust to their capabilities.
If possible the leader needs to advise the followers of what they can do for themselves.

A leader by its simplest definition is to lead others. We are all leaders at some point in our lives. Great leaders lead to change the world for the better.

Watch “Why Is Learning So Hard?” on YouTube

Saw this video on why learning is so hard for some people. I noticed this when I was teaching people to learn. The ones who were very analytical tend to learn slow, while the ones who don’t think and just do it tend to learn fast.

I thought this was specific to learning physical skills like swimming. But apparently in applies to any learning process.

So the key is stop thinking too much and just learn. But my question qould be, how do we stop people from thinking too much? Or am I thinking too much?

Caffeine as a performance enhancing drug

As an amateur endurance athlete, I often for ways to improve my Speed and stamina.
It seems to me that nutrition, training and technique is the key. Of course looking for the right ones are the challenges.
I do not consider doping as an option, considering the side effects that it may have on the body in the long term, as most drugs have negative side effects. In addition, I prefer not to put anything synthetic into my body.
Caffeine is interesting though, it is part of most people’s daily diet. I wont drink redbull or livita, I have seen some athletes drink this before an event. But i do drink the occasional tea.
Found article online that briefly describes how caffeine pills are allowable in certain doses, and the effective use of it. Generally the people who would benefit most are those who rarely take them. So dont take them during training, but take them for an event or competition.
I personally have tried drinking caffeine in the forms of tea and coke before a run. In my 70.3 ironman it was my first time I saw coke prepared at the water stations. I admit there is a boosting effect, I do push myself harder to the point I am faster for longer,  but i noticed that it felt more hotter, and I was more thirsty,  I felt more hotter as well. And my body does hurt more the day after the run.
If anyone wants to try to get a personal best, or to train faster, then go ahead. I personally might not do it. Plus I am not that competitive. But if you are, caffeine is the one legal way you can do it.

Watch “Cycling Tips For Overweight Cyclists” on YouTube

Researching on improving my cycling on YouTube. Found one for overweight cyclists. (thats me)
I have a rest day today and spent it mostly on watching youtube videos. Morning mostly entertainment and fun, but later at night I just realized i can find more info on cycling, one of them I stumbled on was durian rider, the video description contains a few good tips.


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