Monthly Archives: February 2009

Landslide in Tutong

I actually always feared landslides in places with hills that were more than 45 degree slope. Never acknowledged that hill was on my usual route. It was raining hard in the middle of the day. You’d think this kind of thing happens at nights.
I don’t blame any deforestation for this landslide, I guess all the rain in the past few weeks have turned the land mushy, and the thunder may have have shaken it up a bit.
I actually love rain, but this is just too much.




New Years Resolution

Just remembered one of my new year’s resolution. Post at least one post a month on my bobbyofbrunei blog. well, i missed january by a day, I’ll post another one soon.
For Bruneians There have been 3 New years close together, The hijrah new year, the gregorian new year and the Chinese new year.
Some of my plans this year are..
-expand my computer school.
-get my wife knocked up (pregnant) :p
-start another business project (the plan was short list in the think big biz plan competition)
-improve myself (that’s a whole other list)