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Healthy or unhealthy?

Found interesting Article on


Basically the summary is:
7. Runner’s have better knees than non-runners
6. UV ray even those in tanning salons are dangerous, but we need the sun to produce vitamin D.
5. health food junkies might be eatings wrong and therefore might be a new eating disorder – orthorexia nervosa (the compulsion to eat right?)
4. Margarine like any highly processed food product is unhealthy, Butter is better.
3. Eggs are healthy (YAY!!!) as it contains a lot of nutrients, and doesn’t really alter your cholesterol level that much.
2. Vitamin Supplements may not provide extra health benefits, (damn, what am i gonna do with all this supplements?!)
1. Aspirin therapy good for people who are at risk for hearth attacks, but might risk healthy people to hemorrhage.