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found an intersting comic at about skifree. didn’t know you could press the f key to go faster to try and escape the monster at the end.

found the “officialest” website for skifree at to download the game.


Brunei Exam Results No Longer Available Online?

Being super IT Literate :p , a lot of friends and family members often ask me whether exam result were online. whether it was o level, a level, psr or pmb.

It used to be easy. 10 years ago, someone in MOE would either photocopy a print of the list or copy the softcopy on disks(some had viruses because of this 🙂 ), then people could find it from chat rooms (remember mirc?) a few years ago it started popping up on blogs and websites like,, and

But recently in 2008, MOE has been more “careful” with releasing the information, this happened since MOE had an MOU with a private company to release the information via paid SMS. There is also an “issue” of Individual Private information (but then that’s only the name and result so there is not much risk). even bloggers at that time were “warned” not to post it as that would go under revealing government secrets. And so like any other good citizen, they obliged. But now even if the results were not revealed through SMS, the information is still not released to the public online. Some people will just say just go to MOE office and check.(hmmm…i wonder if that applies to MOE depts in other districts..)

So to answer the question. I don’t think you can find them online anymore. I have tried in vain. But if you are persistent (more than me), then Good luck in finding them. And please share with me if you will.

It was cool to be able to see the information online wasn’t it?

  • Didn’t have to travel far to be disappointed. Imagine waiting 15 minutes to 1 hour in the car with all that anticipation.
  • Didn’t use much fuel to get a single line of information. On average a trip would cost about $2-$10 depending on your distance and your car type.
  • Didn’t have to pay 3 cents or 3 dollars to get that information. Although $3 would still be cheaper if you have to buy fuel worth $10.
  • Didn’t have to wait to get back from holidays overseas to look at the result. I wonder how much the SMS would have cost in that situation.
  • You could check your friends results and tell your friends the good/bad news. People do this looking at the bulletin board anyway. So what is the difference with looking on a board on the internet?

I believe the role of the government is to govern the people, to help them, so that the people in turn will be grateful and contribute to the government’s efforts. To bring the nation forward, and not backwards. I had hoped that MOE would learn from 2008, but apparently it hasn’t. Lets just hope they make the right decisions in 2009. Because in this case as citizens, what else can we do but express our opinions and upsets.

Oh btw, if any MOE officer is reading this. Could you please work on making the website less heavy/lagging. Sure the designs nice looking, but it slows down the whole PC, and loads very slowly on some connections.