Daily Archives: 2010/01/21

Interview with a Stroke Triumphant

In more search of self-consolation and understanding of my mother’s recent stroke, I found more on Dr Jill, like she has her own website, and that she got interviewed by Oprah after her TEDtalk. http://www.oprah.com/oprahradio/Jill-Bolte-Taylor-on-Oprahs-Soul-Series-Webcast image link to oprah interview of dr jill taylor Listening to to her Oprah interview, I searched for more information to help my mothers recovery and found a wikipedia article on stroke recovery and its resource from http://www.stroke.org/site/PageServer?pagename=recov


Listening to sound

Never realized we can see/sense sound through are eyes. Although, it might be illuisionary :p I have felt music on my skin, forgot that you experience more of the sound when you are playing it.. now where is my old guitar.. it would be nice sense the music again.