Monthly Archives: January 2010

Talk to the Flu Desk

Went to a Fitness Centre and read an interesting notice. The sign read “Physiotherapy patient please talk to flu desk”, I know what it actually means, but it may also mean actually talking to the desk. It is just funny 🙂

to my surprise inside was no one to say hello to, but i said hello to the flu desk any way :p and then of course goodbye 🙂

I wonder what else interesting has been the remnants of the H1N1 flu initial scare.

Jala and Idris Bday Celebration!

Celebrated my stepsister (jala) and stepfather(idris) birthday.

Usual Birthday celebration, ate food, ate cake. But this time had a slide to pool bouncer! the bouncer is not in the pictures. I had to put it down to play the bouncer :p it had a 30 degree incline, so it was more comfortable slide than a 45 degree one. also it had a bigger pool 😀 should have taken a pic before i played. Damn my body ached the day after. But it was worth it.

More pics at my facebook.