Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

Opera Icon

Opera Mini 5 is and Opera Mobile is now Available!

Among the enhancements in new version are:

  • Tabbed Browsing!!!
  • Speed Dial (3×3 layout)
  • navigation bar (back, forward, address bar and google search bar)
  • a new interface for entering text (previews the available letters on the currently pressed key, try it out to understand what I mean)

I was a bit upset that I no longer can search directly into wikipedia like in version 4, but I guess all the enhancements make up for it. Plus I could just put wikipedia in the speed dial and search there anyway 🙂

Installed and Checked out Opera Mobile on my wife’s nokia 5800XM, and your practically browsing like your browsing on the computer. I haven’t checked everything yet, but

  • I’ve been able to play the facebook apps!
  • There was an inbuilt touch screen keyboard for the URL (when I tried to turn it on for every input, it sometimes pops up for no apparent reason).
  • Tabbed browsing (of course 🙂 )
  • Although at some point I did encounter an insufficient memory error.

To know more feature either check the website or download and try it yourself.

Use Opera Mini 5 for most mobile phones, and use Opera Mobile for Smartphones (S60, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android)

Now you either go to the mobile website: m.opera.com or to the PC website to download specifically for your mobile device. Have fun!


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