The Climb Part 1

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is the most exciting thing I have ever done. It beats the (unintended) morning till night hike at Bukit Lutut. The high altitude was exhilarating and torturous at the same time. I give my thanks to LiveWIRE and the Business Network Members to make it possible 🙂

Here I tell more about the trip. I’ll start off with the trip getting there, and i’ll end it with the climb up, climb down, and the trip back.

On the 13th woke really early to gather at the mall, gadong. Then off we went to KK. As we went to Kuala Lurah, I found that the malaysian immigration post had apparently been upgraded and moved somewhere else. I haven’t crossed the border in about 3 years now. Passed through Limbang City and crossed a river by ferry. Then another Immigration Post getting into Temburong. We had our breakfast at Restoran Hijrah at Pekan Bangar.

Went on to Lawas and Sipitang (with a ferry again somewhere) to another immigration post to cross from serawak to sabah. There were fields of Palm oil Plantation all along the way.

I think we stopped by a place called beaufort and had lunch at KFC. Later most of us bought a malaysian line digi because we saw billboards ads implying that it could receive signal from the mountain top (It didn’t on my phone)

We arrived at Tang Dynasty Park Hotel and checked in. We decided to go out to 1borneo – a super mall located far away from the centre of town.

Ate dinner at a seaside food court (bigger and far nicer than kianggeh food court ), unfortunately I did not like the smell of the sea there. Fortunately, it had a killer sunset.

Spent time around centrepoint (apparently a popular mall with a lot of cheap stuff). Found that most of our guys spent their time their with a foot and body massage.

Next day on 14th we all had breakfast at a restaurant that was visited by the famous late P. Ramlee. Additionally, there were some kids who were begging, my friends urged me not to encourage them, while the staff of the restaurant shooed them away. Felt a bit down seeing kids like that.

We went back to the hotel to checkout and leave to get to the Kinabalu park. It was a long trip and mostly going up hill/mountain. My wife’s small automatic car wouldn’t have been able to cope. We stopped by a small town that had a tall tower where we could climb up and look around.

We arrived at the Kinabalu park so early that there were no vacancies yet. So we went out and had lunch, and we decided to go to the Poring Hotsprings. I wondered about how their could be a hotspring, when I thought Mount Kinabalu was just a mountain..not a dormant volcano.. is it?

We got back to the Kinabalu park and stayed at a place called “Rock Hostel” (cool huh :p), we stayed the night,  had dinner before sleeping the night.

Woke up early to repack our stuff to climb up the mountain. Had breakfast and Left for Timpohon Gate – the foot of the climb.

to be continued…


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