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Brunei To Cease Fuel Subsidy for Energy Day

I heard about this from someone during lunch, they said they read it in the news. I was not so sure, cuz I must have missed the news so I didn’t read about it myself. But on Saturday, 22nd May 2010, I was buying fuel for my car and saw the sign on the side of the fuel pumps. The prices of fuel in Brunei will have no subsidy on monday 24th of May 2010.

So basically, the prices on monday for premium and super is twice the usual amount, and regular and diesel is thrice the price!

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The Climb Part 3 – The Summit Climb

Note: the climb from laban rata (the base camp) to the summit started at 2 am. so pictures of the climb has been taken from going back down. Most of these will be shown in reverse.

At 2AM we gathered in preparation to climb, some of us even tested the comfort of our clothing outdoors for a few minutes. It was cold, so cold I was hoping that the climb would heat my body up, or the night would warm up with the impending sunrise. We had to wait one more member (Lim) as he alone of our group was hungry enough to eat breakfast down at laban rata (about 100 m downhill and double back). By now there were some groups that went up already.

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