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Hari Raya Recording at Pusat Bahagia

On 26th June 2010, there was suppose to be a video recording for Hari Raya at Pusat Bahagia. The student were already dressed up for the recording. But the Video Recording People had to cancel. Well, there will be a next time. Meanwhile didn’t everyone looked and dressed nice. 🙂


Olympic Day Run 2010

On 20th June 2010, sunday – the olympic day run was held. The Starting line was at the Indoor Stadium and the Finishing Line was at the National Stadium.

The event started off with a warm up /stretching exercise.

There were several categories, and so different categories started at different times.

The starting horn was sounded off by His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri.

Even the prince participated in one of the categories.Depending on the categories, the distance and routes were different.
The finishing line was at the front of the national stadium berakas. Where volunteers kept track of the runners that finished.The runners and volunteers rested while waiting for everyone to finish.The top runners were asked to sit on chairs so they could be organized in the prize presentationAll runners that finished were given a certificate stating that they participated in the olympic day run.In the closing ceremony, his highness was asked to present prizes to the top runners in the various categories.

If you were a participant in the event and you want to tag yourself. you can go to my facebook photo album.

I’m running 10km this sunday

This sunday is the olympic day run at berakas stadium. I am going to join in the fun.

Honestly I haven’t run the distance in a while, heck i haven’t done distance running in a while. but i tested myself this week 10 round of the running track (4km) and I did fine in my own pace. although slower than my speed when I did the marathon in 2005.

incidentally, i found a few articles stating that running statistically improves lifespan

Anyone one to join? I put an event invite on my fb

Doa Selamat and BBQ at Pusat Bahagia

Hari Isnin, 7 hb Jun 2010 – Guru-guru dan pegawai mengadakan BBQ dan doa selamat semasa cuti sekolah.

Antara makanan yang ada dihidangkan ialah BBQ (Ayam, Daging, Udang, Jagung), Kek, Mee goreng, dan Aiskrim. mmm… :d