A series of unfortunate events

What a week, ever had those weeks where everything goes wrong? I bet everyone has it once in a while. Here’s how mine went.

  1. My test server broke down,
  2. 2 0f my camera memory cards got corrupted,
  3. my phone got me into a fight with my wife,
  4. e-speed went down for several days,
  5. and the car’s adjustment pulley bearing got jammed.. again.

I’m not complaining,I’m just listing them down.

So now,

  1. The test server is being fixed,
  2. found a great program to restore photos from corrupted memory cards from cgsecurity
  3. browsing for a “new” cheap phone, that has 3g and wifi, preferrably touch screen. nokia 5800 is on the top of my list. iphone only if I had a lot of money and after I pay most of my debts.
  4. e-speed is okay now… for now
  5. Car got fixed, but now i’m out $50.

My point? not much, just that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Don’t focus on the problem, just deal with it and focus on the solutions.

Now on to updating posts that I should have posted the last 2 weeks. But first, some obligations that needs to be done. Bulan Puasa dah 🙂


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