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Bday (not mine) at Escapade Sushi

First time I experienced someone’s bday was celebrated at Escapade sushi, Just a warning, even if the person was aware its his bday. He might still be surprised.

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Hike at Tasek Lama

Most People I talk to think tasek lama is an easy hike, but most of them didn’t know about sarang helang. I think that route is equivalent to shahbandar 9 hills, with a taller and steeper last hill.

Last Sunday on the 23rd October 2010, I went there with a few friends from LiveWIRE. I did in preparation for LiveWIRE Leadership Camp. In the spirit of training, I carried 3kg worth of camera and drinks on my back, because that’s what I would be carrying at the camp. Suffice to say, I found that I was not as “Fit” as I used to be 6 months ago when I climbed up Mount Kinabalu. My Legs ached for 3 whole days, and addition 2 days after running on that 3rd day. Result? On the Hike at the Leadership Camp, It didn’t even feel that challening. 🙂 (More on the hike later at


15 aspire to join Everest team | Brunei NEWS, Brunei HEADLINES from Brunei fm

Mount Everest from Kalapatthar.

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Waaaah… To climb Mount Everset.. I already Climbed Gunung Kinabalu… Iski kan cuba, but I know there are more qualified (fit) people then me who should go. I think it would take more dedication than I currently can afford to prepare such a feat. But if anyone’s interested go on and try. Spreading the news is all I can do right now. This article was posted in august 2010.

15 aspire to join Everest team | Brunei NEWS, Brunei HEADLINES from Brunei fm.

Best Time to Quit Smoking

Recent news have stated that the prices of cigarretes have increased by 25 cents.
I’m thinking that this is a good opportunity for people to stop smoking. Added with the Credit Card issues, most people now have a tight budget.
Now when people smoke, they can think that one piece of cigarette cost about 5 SMS, or 5 Cigarettes equal 1 drink.
Some friends have joked that anyone who still smokes must be rich 🙂