Daily Archives: 2010/11/04

Bday (not mine) at Escapade Sushi

First time I experienced someone’s bday was celebrated at Escapade sushi, Just a warning, even if the person was aware its his bday. He might still be surprised.

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Hike at Tasek Lama

Most People I talk to think tasek lama is an easy hike, but most of them didn’t know about sarang helang. I think that route is equivalent to shahbandar 9 hills, with a taller and steeper last hill.

Last Sunday on the 23rd October 2010, I went there with a few friends from LiveWIRE. I did in preparation for LiveWIRE Leadership Camp. In the spirit of training, I carried 3kg worth of camera and drinks on my back, because that’s what I would be carrying at the camp. Suffice to say, I found that I was not as “Fit” as I used to be 6 months ago when I climbed up Mount Kinabalu. My Legs ached for 3 whole days, and addition 2 days after running on that 3rd day. Result? On the Hike at the Leadership Camp, It didn’t even feel that challening. 🙂 (More on the hike later at www.SMEbrunei.com)