Landmark Forum Evening

Hello Everyone, I just want to tell you about a seminar called the Landmark Forum that me and my wife attended, in that 3 days it has opened our eyes to what limits us and realizing new possibilities that lay before us. I am now able to accept the “wrongs” in my life, and with that I have set myself free. I have also realized a truth of human nature that allows me to be comfortable with everyone around me. And finally, I have realize the meaning of life that allows me to achieve my goals in life. If you are in singapore I’d invite you to “The Landmark Forum Evening Session” on
tuesday night, 25 january 2011,
at singapore expo, foyer 1, level 2, Hall A.

But if you are unable or uninterested, then maybe you can share this info with someone in Singapore who can take advantage and attend this session. It is free to attend, but no food prepared. so make sure have dinner first. No pressure to sign up. Just to listen the graduates of the landmark forum of how they felt it has transformed their lives.
unfortunately I won’t be there personally, as I will be back in Brunei by then. There will be other graduates there to share. And if you or someone you know is interested to understand what limits them, then check it out and confirm your attendance by contacting
Wendy at (65) 63776028 or email:

You can “Choose”
Patience, Love and Compassion
Bobby 🙂


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