Landmark Forum Notes

I would like to take this time to note what I have learned in landmark forum in this blog. This is to remind myself and others what we have learned from landmark forum, as well as to share with others so that they may be open to take up landmark forum.

But first I would like to assure the organizers that I will not reveal too much of the course. I believe what I share will urge people to be inspired or moved. And if they would like to join Landmark forum, then it would be a bonus for both those people as well as the Landmark forum. There is more value in understanding these words through the forum, then just reading them from this blog. Words in brackets note where I have heard or read something similar before. but I admit that after attending this course I have a deeper understanding of them and their proper applications in life.

  • Have Integrity – Part of Integrity is being Authentic to others as well as yourself, especially your word. (Your word is your wand, Laws of Success)
  • Separate Facts and Interpretations – Life happens. How you interpret it, and how you interpret other people’s interpretations has affected your beliefs and actions. Once you accepted this and let go of your past and persistent interpretations, you are open to new possibilities in life and take charge of how you see things in life. (REBT – Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy)
  • Be aware of “IT” – “IT” is a part of human nature that can be described of Inner chatter. “IT” often stops you from doing anything. If you do nothing you will definitely fail, but if you do something you will have a chance to succeed (Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on “stroke of insight” and Eckhart Tolle on “A new earth“)
  • Be, Do and Have – People often want certain results, and they do actions to create this results, but they only do actions based on their view. But being open to a bigger picture, allows people to have more options and choose the right actions. (Bruce Lee)
  • Be aware of Rackets or Persistent Complaints – Complaints that come with fix way of being causes people to lose ownership of their life, and sacrifice their Life to satisfy “IT”. So let go of “IT’s” interpretation, and gain full life. Accepting events does not mean condoning it. (Eckhart tolle on “a new earth”)
  • Issues in your life may affect other parts of it. e.g. family conflict can affect love relationships or working performance, and vice versa.
  • Change Versus Transformation
  • Truth about life that will give you power
  • Meaning of Life (My own introspections and self reflection. I thought I had the answer before, but I didn’t, and now I do)

For the points that have no brackets are were new to me, and yet it may have been present through out history as the tools successful people have used intentionally or inadvertently to become powerful and remarkable. Please Comment if you want.

Patient, Loving and Compassionate,

Bobbyofbrunei 🙂


6 thoughts on “Landmark Forum Notes”

  1. Seems like you were fully indoctrinated into Landmark’s (aka est cult) belief system.

  2. Let me first understand what you are saying. I’ll be checking a dictionary to help.
    So to be fully indoctrinate = to be fully taught uncritically.
    where uncritically means to disregard “critical’ standards or procedures, or not not to find/call attention to errors.

    Cult=following generally considered an unorthodox or outside beliefs of “conventional society”, or to be enjoyed by a loyal group.

    Then I Agree with you that I am fully indoctrinate into Landmark’s belief system. I don’t have to defend myself, and I respect your view. I will still share why I “believe” it.

    1. Every Religion started as a cult. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the rest. Read History. They were all believed to be wrong early in its time. and some still say other religions are wrong. So which is wrong and which is right? I am still a believer of my religion, but now I do so as my choice 🙂
    2. I already had similar belief system. based on my knowledge in science and psychology. There are other influential people who may share similar beliefs, whether they had joined landmark or not. These I have shared some in the brackets in the list.
    3. Believing in Landmark has given me and wife a fresh view in life. to lead a happy, loving, caring life and relationships. If believing in something can give me my desired result, I don’t see why I should disbelieve it and become unhappy and unsatisfied.

    I understand that you may not believe in landmark, you may have strong existing beliefs that does not allow you to. I accept that everyone finds their own beliefs. and I hope you can still find satisfaction and happiness in life.

    Patience, Love and Compassion.
    Bobbyofbrunei 🙂

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