Disappointing Turn Out

Have you had days where nothing turned out right? Have you ever try to organize something and there wasn’t a good turnout? It has happened before for me. I never felt good about it. It recently happened again. But this time I have recently learned a mental technique or technology to be okay about it.

What happened:

  1. I helped someone to organize a seminar, by booking a place and inviting people. But then on the day, only 1 invitee came out of 10 who said they would attend.
  2. And some of these people I thought to be of integrity. The whole thing was scrapped.
  3. The entry was free, but refreshments were prepared. And so most were wasted, but the organizer decided to give the food away. and thankfully he seemed patient and understanding about the whole situation.

My interpretation:

  1. I thought I had done enough It turns out I didn’t, and I thought I was worthless, useless.
  2. people didn’t respect me enough to be truthful about their attendance. I felt guilty about disappointing the organizer. I wasn’t a good marketer and organizer.
  3. Food was wasted, Other people’s time and efforts were wasted. I caused them to be wasted. I will have to pay or suffer for this mistake sooner or later.

I let go of my interpretations….
I Accept that I did what I thought I could do and did it.
I Accept that people may not honor their word for their own reasons.
I Accept that food will be wasted due to circumstances.
I Accept things happen because they happened.

Now I create the possibility of BEing prepared, patient and persistent.

I will DO marketing appropriately, and get RSVP officially, and Make up for lost time and opportunity.

As I want to HAVE a good turn out, And a happy and satisfied friend/customer who trusted me for organizing for them.

I hope other may learn what I have from Landmark forum and Be at Peace with themselves.

“Love the life you live, and live the live you love” – Bob marley


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