Athan Prayer Time

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I’ve used the Athan Prayer Time from previously to keep track of prayer time, But i’ve recently compared it with the schedule from and found it a significantly off, so I’ve tweaked at the settings to find the same results.

Alas, I could not.. entirely.. The time of suboh, sunrise, maghrib and isyak is now the same, but the zuhor and asar prayers are off plus/minus 1 minute. well at least the maghrib one is on the dot. Break fast time is important in this month of ramadhan. 🙂 the settings i change was to set it to twilight degrees for fajr at 20 degrees and isyak at 18 degrees. if anyone can make it the same as the Brunei schedule please tell me.

Also I also managed to embed a small daily schedule on, I have yet to manage to put it on this blog. something to do with incompatibility of iframe and Additionally, there is a mobile phone software version. if anyone wants to try.


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