HSBC internet banking token reset

Apparently the HSBC token/dongle/key requires a reset. 2 days ago I needed to do an emergency fund transfer to my wife who was overseas. I initially logged in fine, but when I hit the transfer button, I got logged out. I keep trying to login, but I keep on seeing login failure. So I had to go to the atm to do it.
Yesterday I tried again, with same result. Today I ask a colleague who used to work in HSBC, he told me that I just need to call HSBC to have them reset it. As after a while, the token’s time gets out of sync. So i called HSBC, went thru the “other” services menu to get internet banking. The person then began asking me personal info in order for them to reset the key. They said try again h

HSBC key

alf an hour later, and if its still not logging in to call them back again. Thankfully, my key works again. Now I can go internet banking and pay my bills and stuff. YAY!


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