After all this time a cure for my stuffed nose

Finally, I found a cure for my the periodical stuffed nose. Strangely it involves holding my breath. I hope this information is useful for other people who has the problem, try it out, it feels amazing 😀

I was really desperate last night when I couldn’t breath through my nose comfortably, so I asked my wife to heal me energetically using pranic healing. It only helped a bit. But during the healing process, my mind actually thought of googling for a solution to my ailment. so after the healing process ended, I opened up the computer and search for the cure.

to my surprise I found it in a forum by Steve Pavlina. the first forum was at

Here’s an excerpt.

This is the simple exercise that has helped me so very much. If anyone here happens to have a stuffy nose, please try it out share how well it worked.

1. Breathe out. Hold your nose and close your mouth.
2. Hold your breath until it starts getting a bit uncomfortable. It’s faster if you walk around a bit. Nodding your head back and forth works too.
3. Keep your back straight and unplug your nose, keeping your mouth closed. Breathe as slowly as possible. You should feel your nose gently clearing out.

its essentially holding my breath to increase my carbon dioxide levels. kinda like when I hold my breath underwater.

Which lead me to a whole new paradigm shift about breathing. It is called buteyko method. Basically, we need a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. I’m taking my time to research this. Looks like the answer to most of my other periodical ailments, and explains why exercising clears them up.

check the articles out at

I love the following quote from the website:

“The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing.”

-Lao-Tzu, father of Taoism


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