Have enough blood to give blood


My sister is proud to show off that she is fit enough to give blood. She usually has a low blood count that she is sometimes not allowed. This time she had more blood count then previous. She credits it to her new recent slow carbon diet, as well as her hiking since new years. Her blood count is higher in spite of her weight being down from last year. The blood department is always requesting for more blood donations. The demand for it is high, while the supply is often low. The demand is due to operations, accidents as well as health conditions that require blood transfusion. If you want to donate blood, go to the hospital (during office hours is best) and donate. In order to donate blood you need to fulfill certain criteria. Basically you should be fit. Here is the list. 1. At least 55 kg. 2. Must not be sick recently. In the last 2 weeks. 3. Must not be taking medication. Not even panadol on that day. supplements do not count. 4. For women, not during their menstrual period or if their pregnant. Before you donate blood you will be given a check if you are fit to donate blood. First is a form that asks you a lot of questions regarding your health. Then a fitness check. Checking your blood pressure and heart rate. Then off to getting your blood. You have the option of getting local anesthetic. (i challenge you to try it without). then they take less then litre of your blood. The best part for me is they usually have food and giveaways. For more information check out the blood donation fb and twitter.


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