Finally fixed my dot net 4.0 problem

I use to have .NET 4.0 problem. It didn’t want to install, or it was installed, but it didn’t run properly. The problem with that is I couldn’t run or use applications written in .NET Such as Paint.NET, Handbrake, or the Unified Remote for android. Today, I found another application that I would like to try out, but it was using .NET….
Previously the fix was a cleanup tool, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling (in a specific order) all the dotnet in the computer. But it still did not work.
So I searched again for the fix…. again… and finally found something that works. more or less. handbrake still not working, but at least i get a different error message. maybe need to reinstall handbrake itself…
I would like to share with anyone else who may have the problem. just check out the link
basically the steps are:
1. open command line in administrator mode
2. type the following command exactly. it may be case sensitive, I didn’t want to take the chance.
for /F %D in (‘dir %WINDIR%\assembly %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\assembly /s /b /a:d’) do takeown /F %D && icacls %D /reset /T”
3. reinstall the dotnet in administrator mode. recommended the standalone installer. I already had it lying around from previous attempts.
and instead of my previous fatal error in the installation….
as you can see, i was so happy when i found this fix. hope it works for you.


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