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Start of SCB run 2013 NaPoWriMo #6

The SCB run was organized well,
The event everyone did they tell,
Newspapers they did advertising,
Even seen by those facebooking,

Registrations and payments available online,
The whole process went down quite fine,
In our e-mails the receipts were given,
bar codes blocked cud be forgiven,

GetFitCrossFit organized practice runs,
on weekends not including on sun’s,
I didn’t bother waking up at 5am,
The practice run i didn’t came,

The reminders were sent,
To pick up our race pack we went,
Finding the indoor stadium’s main entrance,
was easy if you followed the other entrants,

Finding in my race pack bag,
my t-shirt, bib number and tag,
safety to pins to put it up was included,
so all my preparations were concluded,

On the morning I woke up,
3 am to drink my 1 litre up,
Prepared and waited for about an hour,
before i went without taking a shower,

arrived at the stadium at 4am,
to see there was no very big jam,
saw a lot of volunteers and organizers,
but not yet a lot of runners,

baggage counters were conveniently provided,
for those that carried a lot when they arrived,
baggage numbers stapled to our bibs,
so no one can take it with fibs,

My stomache was acting a bit funny,
Even before the day was sunny.
Fortunate to have portable toilets provided,
and the organizer have already considered,

5.30am 21k started on time,
still so early it ought to be a crime,
6am 10k runners were told,
to line up in the cold,

off to the starting line we were sent,
and at the sound of the horn, we all did went.


Ran 10k barefoot NaPoWriMo #5

I ran 10k barefoot,

I joined scb run,
10k for fun,
It was a slow start,
People in front had dart,

1st k I ran relax,
I saw myself almost at the back,
2nd k a few people I passed,
They were no longer that fast,

3rd k I saw still more runners in front,
Faster runners there were a lot,

4 k I was going uphill,
Bending gravity to my will,
5 k it was all downhill,
I went down with a thrill,

6 k I passed a few more walkers,
I heard a few who were talkers,
Running barefoot they would never try,
As if had they tried they would die,

After 7k it was all flat,
I was still feeling great,
8k I felt like going faster,
and saw some 21km runners,

9k I decided,
with a desire undivided,
to run as fast as I can,
to complete the kilometre of ten

before I completed the run,
there were cheerers having fun,
chanting to everyone that ran,
to keep them running as fast as they can,

loudly chanted one crew,
no shoe, no shoe, no shoe,
I felt so excited,
that my efforts were appreciated,

Last 10km I ran,
Passed a lot of people that I can,
When I crossed that finish line,
I told my self that I will do it again another time.


NaPoWriMo #4

Be careful driving In the rain,
When the days are wet its not the same,
Puddles appear here and there,
Water splashes everywhere,

The view of the path is not so clear,
Remember the ones you hold so dear,
Slowdown your car to a safe speed,
Wear your seatbelts wear it in need,

watch out for puddles here and there,
or you’ll hydroplane everywhere,
keep your distance of the car in front,
or brake in time you find you can’t,

turn your headlight so others can see you,
show yourself so other don’t go through you,
Be safe on the road while you are driving,
Appreciate your life while you are still living.

NaPoWriMo #3

Traffic Light Causes Traffic at Roundabout

Once upon a time there was crossroad,
Where all the busy city centres meet,
During peak hours the cars would fill the road,
It would cause a traffic Jam indeed,

Then the goverment wanted to ease it,
decided to create a roundabout to fix it,
The construction originally caused terrible traffic,
Upon completion proved to be terrific,

The main highway had an underpass,
three lanes on the roundabout made it fast,
left lane was for the immediate exits,
the rest was for the later exits,

But soon troubles appeared,
more accidents had occured,
as some drivers would misuse the lanes,
and cause themselves so much pain.

At first the government tried to educate the public,
on TV Showed how to negotiate the through the traffic,
Solid lines was not meant to crossed,
It seemed the message was still lost,

Recently, the government tried to fix it,
Putting a traffic light around it,
Hoping that it would control the traffic,
Alas, it turned out so horrific,

The traffic jams actually became worse,
On the very day it opened first,
cars up to a few miles were waiting
students actually resorted to walking,

I trust the government is wondering,
How on earth was this happening,
while lot of people have been asking,
whose ideas was it for the traffic light placing,

Was there any research done?
Or was the idea a made up one?
was there a simulation that proved,
that the roundabout by a traffic light be soothed,

Now project was up and running,
the project manager head may be asking,
would they have to start all over?
or somehow fix it if they are clever.

Let us wait and see,
if the powers that be,
can solve this problem quickly,
Let us wait and see 🙂

writing poems for fun

Got an e-mail from that someone was organizing a National Poem Writing Competition. Not in Brunei, but hey, why not.
Basically, just write one poem everyday for the month of april, it can be on paper, or if possible post it on a blog, or facebook.
I haven’t written poems in a while, so why not…