Safe running on the road

I have been meaning to post this for a while now. When I run or when I drive around and see people run, I have the urge to discuss with them on what is the safe method of running on the road.  The following are my own logical thoughts.

Be aware. Run against the traffic. Be able to see the road and other road users.  It is safer because you get to see the incoming traffic, so you can react if you have to. You cannot expect every driver to be considerate and focused on the road. the only time that running with the traffic is allowable is during mass runs. This is because during these runs the polis and ambulance escorts are around.
Be visible on the road. Wear light coloured or contrasting striped clothing, this is in order for the other road users to be able to see you. At nite wear reflectors or blinking lights, there are certain running shoes that already reflectors. I have even seen some people having lighted shoelaces.
Be considerate, run to left of the side walk. Useful when dealing other runners who are not running with the traffic. This is for their safety, I can clearly see the traffic that they don’t. Exceptions are when they seem to stubbornly want to that lane, or don’t see me coming. In that case give them way. I don’t want them to avoid me by going into the road, while not seeing the car behind them and getting into an accident.
Plan your routes. Try to see which paths reduces the risk of crossing road lanes. Interestingly, going against the traffic tends to fulfil this objective.
Keep safe. Especially when you need to cross the road. Look both sides before crossing. If crossing a junction with a car going out, make eye contact and signal them, if not just go behind them.


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