Waze – Social Network on the Road

I’ve been trying Waze for a year now. I love it. just be careful using it on the road. the interface allows people to update easily while driving, by just clicking about 3 or 4 buttons. But typing in descriptions is recommended for passengers.

I love the part where you can pave/record your own map. there wasn’t a trail to my home, so i traced it by driving thru. I also like how users can report anything on the road and you can see them. Cars parked on the side, road under construction, and my most favourite… Police and Traffic reports. This would be perfect if a lot of people use this app and update traffic reports. So here i am asking anyone to try this out. Check it out at www.waze.com. its available for android, iphone, and some nokia phones.

Just a warning.. obviously this app uses your data bandwidth and GPS. so it’ll use your battery life and credit. Recommended if you have a car charger and a post paid plan.


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