Ran 10k barefoot NaPoWriMo #5

I ran 10k barefoot,

I joined scb run,
10k for fun,
It was a slow start,
People in front had dart,

1st k I ran relax,
I saw myself almost at the back,
2nd k a few people I passed,
They were no longer that fast,

3rd k I saw still more runners in front,
Faster runners there were a lot,

4 k I was going uphill,
Bending gravity to my will,
5 k it was all downhill,
I went down with a thrill,

6 k I passed a few more walkers,
I heard a few who were talkers,
Running barefoot they would never try,
As if had they tried they would die,

After 7k it was all flat,
I was still feeling great,
8k I felt like going faster,
and saw some 21km runners,

9k I decided,
with a desire undivided,
to run as fast as I can,
to complete the kilometre of ten

before I completed the run,
there were cheerers having fun,
chanting to everyone that ran,
to keep them running as fast as they can,

loudly chanted one crew,
no shoe, no shoe, no shoe,
I felt so excited,
that my efforts were appreciated,

Last 10km I ran,
Passed a lot of people that I can,
When I crossed that finish line,
I told my self that I will do it again another time.



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