Monthly Archives: October 2013

Being lucky as something that just happens or something with deeper meaning

Yesterday I decided to purchase a heart rate monitor at After the purchase I was told to pick up a scratch card and scratch. I decided to do some rituals I used to do when I played card games. Which involved shuffling 7 times, then split once. Then I spread it out for my wife to choose. When I scratched the card, I was shocked to see the text “iPad mini wifi 16gb”. I almost couldn’t process what was happening. I asked the sales clerk for confirmation that this was real. It was. It really really was. It was my first time that I remember winning anything from a lucky draw or scratch card.
I was happy the whole night. I even contemplated of whether to sell it or to keep it. Considering I have been telling myself and others I was an android guy. I have decided to keep it. Another series of thoughts came to mind. I realized I was thinking, what did I do right to deserve such a gift, in the past one week I had two separate incidents, one was a self accident on a bicycle, and another a careless slip and fall of the edge of a small drain. Was the universe balancing out? If that’s the case then I could ask what did I do to deserve the accidents? There’s also the fact that I volunteered for ASEAN Young Professional Volunteers Corps last month, although I did lost my camera in Cambodia. Was it a reward for my contributions and a replacement for my lost?
Then I remembered what I learned in psychology and in landmark forum. Specifically about events as they happened vs the story we built on it. I realize that the prize was a form of a reward as I felt good about it. It is only natural that with a reward or any form of positive feedback, a person would try to figure out what lead to the event, in order for them to repeat that rewarding event. Which showed, as I bought accessories for my iPad mini, to get another chance to scratch the cards. Which I followed my previous ritual, but to my slight disappointment I didn’t get anything more.
On the point of negative feedbacks, or in the case that someone fails, it’s also natural for one to try and figure out what one did wrong. In order to avoid from happening again.
These mechanisms are helpful for our survival, to get what we want and to avoid what we don’t want.
The truth is that I bought something, and out of chance, I got a gift. And for the accidents was I did or didn’t do something that caused it to happen. To ponder more may just be an delusional, But it’s a nice story that I can tell myself, that when something bad happens, then it is a test of my self, and when something good happens then it means god… the universe… Loves me 🙂