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Kuai Bilai and Belangkas

Brunei Malay Words I learned.

Kuai Bilai – Aimlessly, Purposelessly.

Heard this from the mufti’s lecture on the radio, went and ask, found out it meant without purpose. The mufti was saying that the syariah law would hinder the youth from roaming around aimlessly or without purpose.

Belangkas – Horshoe crab

Heard this used to describe a couple with one of them being possessive or over controlling. apparently it is either to describe the couple is together very close, or negatively to a couple that is being over controlled by the other half. looked up the picture and found out one picture which made sense. apparently they are usually seen as paired up, rarely by themselves.




Two-Finger Right-Click

A while back noticed apple’s two finger right-click, where you click with two fingers on a touchpad and right click menu pops up, as if you were clicking the right click button of a mouse. thought it was cool. Assumed that it was a patent of apple, therefore won’t be seeing it soon on PC’s. but then I started to find out that the new laptops had the same feature. again i assumed that it was only on new PC’s. when I used of those new pc’s recently, I thought to myself, maybe someone figured out a way to enable this on other laptops. Googled it up and…

Good news. There is. Bad news, only for those laptops with synaptic drivers with multi touch.

Good news for me. Whooo hoooo! 😀

found the following site.