Contributing to others and make money

Part of what i learned in landmark advance is that the transformation of the self is not sustainable without the self transforming others.
I know i have skills and knowledge that i would love to share with people, previously it was my ICT knowledge through my computer school, and recent years my business knowledge through my occupation as a business counsellor in livewire brunei. I do not consider myself as an elite or professional athlete, and yet others have enquired me to help them with running a marathon or swimming long distance, as I have spent the last few years participating in long distance run events such as 10km runs, 21km runs, and much recently a half ironman race. Again my time wouldn’t be considered a professional, but the knowledge i have on training to that level can be considered valuable for a lot of people.
I have made a decision to dedicate my blog on sharing my knowledge on swimming, running and eventually cycling. I will also be looking into how i can sustain my living off of this. I.e. Make money.

Stay tuned.
Abundance, communication, and world peace.


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