landmark advanced course

I took up landmark forum with my wife in january 2011. From that moment i had a Loving relationship with my father since 2008. And my wife became patient and compassionate that we then have a loving and intimate relationship.
Attending and assisting in landmark forum introductions kept me refreshed with the techniques learnt in the forum. So it had prepared me for attending the advanced course. After 3 years, 2014, i have done my advanced course.

The forum had mostly helped my wife deal with her past, and me with the present. The advance helped with breaking the barriers between myself and the things I really wanted in life. It identified the blocks that i created for myself, and allowed me to make them disappear. Now looking at all my delayed personal projects, i can see how i can truly make them not just a possibility, but my reality. The things that i want to crete in my life as well as for other people is now on its way.
Among the delayed projects in my life include, making more money, travel around the world and doing endurance events, create an understanding environment as well as the world, and world peace.
stay tuned.
Abundance, communication and world peace.


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