Tracking your performance

This post is related to knowing where you are, and before knowing where you want to be.

As mentioned before, it is helpful to know your current ability in order to see improvements.

In running the simplest way to measure performance is by a few simple parameters that are related:

  • Distance is how far you can or have run e.g. in kilometers.
  • Time is the how long it takes. e.g. in hours or minutes.
  • Speed and pace are one and the same but viewed differently.
    • Speed is Distance over time. e.g. Kilometer Per hour.
    • Pace is Time over speed. e.g. minutes per kilometer.

If we were to measure using speed kmph, we would be running at around 10-20kmph. If we were using pace then it would be 10min/km upto 5min/km. Most runners prefer to look at pace.

How do you track performance?

There are two ways. Manually and Automatically.

Manually you can use a running track and a simple stopwatch. lacking in a running track, you can always  measure a route’s distance and the time you took. and later you can do the calculation.

Automatically, you can use a GPS watch OR a Sports tracking App on your smartphone. 

GPS watches you can look at.

  • Garmin
  • Timex
  • Soleus

Sports tracking app on smartphones (android and/or iphone)

  • endomondo (my personal favourite)
  • Adidas micoach
  • nike+ running
  • mapmyrun

Up next: Where do you want to be.

  • mytracks

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