Where do you want to be

What is the purpose of you running? What are your goals? Goals often change, often for the better.

Some people are required to do a run as a fitness test. Some people want to achieve a certain running distance. those distance include 5km, 10km, 21km (half-marathon), 42km (Marathon) and more than 42km (ultra-marathon)

For people who already has distance ability, they might consider reducing the time they finish the race.

You may even be considering running to look good. There are two body types of runners:

  • sprint runners often have muscular and toned bodies.
  • marathon runners are usually thin and scrawny.

For most people it is about health and fitness. Among the noted health benefits of running includes:

  • Prevents diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,heart attacks, etc.
  • Boost immune system
  • smooth bowel movement – lower cases of colon cancer.
  • Stress Relief, and eliminates depression.
  • Lose Weight (especially long distance)

overall the benefits will undoubtedly boost our confidence

Up Next: Running Gear.



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