My personal bests

Someone asked me how fast I run a 5km, to be honest I don’t clearly remember. I am very sure faster than 30 minutes. and I seem to remember 25 minutes in one of my runs. Our human memory is often feeble, especially when I don’t really care much about the time for 5km. I have been looking into my 10km time. which is still about 1 hour.

Fortunately I have been running using endomondo, and using the PRO version, I can look into my personal bests. the following is a chart of my 5km personal bests in the last 12 months.

chart 20140829

apparently my best 5km was just under 25minutes! granted this is not the speed of elite runners, but hey, it’s my personal best. It was great to see how much I have improved over the month. although it seems I have been taking it relax in the last two months. I was curious so I checked by 10km times.

chart best 10km month

My 10km times actually improved during the month of July, that was during the fasting month and I was doing night runs. I was doing several 10kms, and at least once was under 6min/km resulting in sub 1 hour 10km run.

It so sad though to see the drop in performance as well as activity in the last 2 months. There are several upcoming events that will help keep me busy and reach that level again. Specifically I’ll need to improve on my cycling to improve my Triathlon times.

Abundance, Health, and World Peace.


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