Using endomondo to track your sports performance

Using Endomondo

GPS tracking has never been so easy. Previously I have only heard elite people use GPS watches. Now that smartphone have in build gps and networks, mobile apps that can track an athlete’s ability gets a lot easier.

I have tried adidas mycoach and nike+ running. Partly I don’t like to use something propriety. And they have (at the time I tried them) focused on mostly running. I like endomondo because I like how endomondo interface.

The main dashboard shows one main measurement, and two smaller measurements directly underneath it. The measurements can changed to a different metric from

  • Current speed or pace
  • Average speed or space
  • Distance
  • Time

There is also a choice of the sport that you will be doing, including:

  • Run
  • Cycling (transport)
  • Cycling (sport)
  • Swimming (manual)
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • And many more

For runs and hike, there is an option to look for a route.

To start the monitoring, press the play/pause button, to pause/stop it, press it again. At the end of the run press the stop button.  At the end of it, the app will request you post to your facebook or twitter account. This will automatically upload your post with the maps

During the run, endomondo may be giving you a feedback on the your total distance, total time, with your average pace. This can be changed in the settings

At the end of your run (or other exercise) you can get feed back on your activity. I personally like to see the graph of my lap pace, I can see when I was too slow or was very fast. Additionally, there is also a feedback on how much water you may need to drink after that activity. I am guessing this is based on your weight which you input into your profile, the activity type, intensity and duration.

In the long run, I like to to see the statistics of my performance, I can see daily, monthly, and annual statistics. I love it that I know quantitatively that I have been able to run faster, further and frequent than I have done before.

I had used endomondo to track my performance in my cycling as well as my running. I really took it seriously when I learned the 70.3 ironman I joined had a cut off time, So I calculated the slowest speed that I needed, and used endomondo to track when I achieved that line, and improved on it.

(note: I wrote the article before I found and saw the video. Its funny to see that the video summarized the features quite well)


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