I mentioned Intensity during training. Generally intensity can be divided into the following:

  • Rest or Zero Intensity
  • Aerobic – physical activity that can be sustained for long periods, where body is using oxygen and carbohydrates and fat for energy. Usually you can speak during this activities.
  • Anaerobic – physical activity that is intensive that air breathed is not enough to use up fat, so the body will use up mostly carbohydrates.

Aerobic activity is important for stamina. speed and strength will cause you to go into anaerobic mode and reduce aerobic activity. Endurance athletes usually train within their aerobic activity to stretch into their anaerobic levels, in order to sustain their speed and strength.

A sure way to measure your intensity is a heart rate monitor. The idea is the heart will beat faster as the body needs more oxygen. Most heart rate monitors will have guidelines on measuring your aerobic and anaerobic levels.

heart rate monitor

Alternatively, you can just do without an equipment and leave it to personal test. A simple one is a scale of 1-10 or percentage, where

  • 0 – rest, not doing anything.
  • 1-2 easy physical activity
  • 3-4 slow jog
  • 5-6 jog to a run, you can still talk while running
  • 7-8 fast run, you can barely talk while running
  • 9-10 sprint run, you can’t talk, you can barely catch your breath.

Just to link to training. Generally, in Long Slow Distance Training, you  need to maintain an aerobic level, never go to anaerobic. High Intensity workouts will require you to push yourself even upto 100% sometimes mixed with rest.



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