How I Cured My Asthma With One Simple Lifestyle Change

some of the histories are similar to mine. especially moving out and realizing being allergic to cats. Asthma seems to be just symptoms of an allergic reaction. So the question is allergic to what and how to fix it.
I personally subscribe to
-aerobic exercise ,
-supplements specifically vitamin C ,
-buteyko method .
– and recently avoiding carbs .
But there are a lot more resources here then I personally had gathered through out the years. Stumbled on to this blog when I suddenly thought of searching for studies on carbohydrates and asthma.
the vitamin D, and sun exposure is really new to me. kinda makes sense, yesterday I have been cooped up most of the day. Thanks for the extra info. Now I’m gonna walk in the sun for a while for some anti asthma treatment. 🙂


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