Good things, Bad things, and Lessons Learnt in 2014

I arrived home and sat in the car for a while and pondered at what has happened for me this year. I saw and found that I have not posted a lot of pics of what happened to me this year, and so it didn’t reflect very well of what I have done this year. Instead I decided to write what has happened to me and other important things that happened that I felt I could look into. The good, the bad, and lessons learnt.

The Good and the great

  • Did the Putrajaya half ironman in April. It was suggested to me in December 2013, I joined and trained for 4 months till the event and did it all under the cut off times. During my training, I achieved personal bests in cycling and running.
  • Busy with work from January to June. Organized SME Run, Organized the Launching of the LiveWIRE Brunei Business Awards, along with conducting the Business workshops for BEES and LiveWIRE Brunei.
  • July, I tried my hand again in selling waffles at the Ramadhan Stalls.
  • August, went to singapore to take up Landmark Advanced. Really expanded my reality box. Really kicked me in the head with the idea that integrity is the key to success (doing your best to do what you say you are going to do) especially about making money, and opened up the possibility that I can be a key to world peace (seriously, but still trying to figure it out) Met up with a few friends while I was there.
  • September – Started a project that got me almost a thousand dollars. (to replace the money I lost, see the bad in august). My Night Business Class, and my night swimming classes.
  • Continued with my swimming class to add to my Monthly income. Additionally, pulled my wife into it, and now she is getting more students than I am. Pays to be a female instructor.
  • November. Started waking up really early cycling to work.
  • December. Training a friend to run. and Increasing my hiking activities again with a few friends.

The bad:

  • MH370 was lost. It still amazes at this day and age the airlines have not deployed a tracking system for crashed planes.  there were two other notable plane accidents for 2014. Despite the accidents, the statistics still show flying is a safe way to travel. especially when you compare to other transports.
  • I Did not manage to join the panaga triathlon this year. Additionally did not manage to join the Serawak Triathlon this year as well due to a small but significant injury to my big toe from moving tables and chairs.
  • A few notable deaths this year. globally, robin williams. closer to home is found out an old class mates son passed away.
  • Lost my wallet when I arrived in singapore to take up landmark advanced. lost 1,200 dollars, and spent a few more money to replace my cards. Good news, this event and the training I went through pushed me even more to start money making projects.
  • Cracked my ipad and phones (yes phones, my normal one and backup), and then my phone broke down, and then my ipad mini got stolen. really started to think I was cursed at this point.
  • Got a new phone (why is these here? wait for it…) and then broke it withing 10 days. a waterproof phone is not really water proof.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Dealing with Loss. hearing of accidents and deaths around got me to think about it. Broken and then stolen iPad gave me an insight on how I would personally deal with loss, almost like someone you care was gone. (seriously, it was that bad), and a work colleague’s car was stolen, and her experience and reaction concurred with what I felt. (I feel I need to right a bit more on this in the near future)
  • I need to share more of what I know. All the knowledge and skill I have is doing nothing if it is not being used or shared.
  • I can seriously make money out of the things I love to do, including sharing what I know.

Here’s to 2015

Happy New Year! 🙂


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