Maulud Nabi procession

Previous years it has been a habit for me to join in the procession. But I honestly don’t remember my dad bringing me.  So I have been trying to dig up my memories on how it started. But while I do that I would like to share on changes I have noticed.  Other than the reduction of the distance. As previously the route involved passing through the road between SMJA and SOASC.  but this year it was shortened by turning around before SOASC.
This year around I decided to fallback and watch all the contingents exit the Padang SOAS before I joined the walk.  It might have been the reduced distance or it has always been, but His majesty arrived just after everyone left.
So back to what differences before and now.
1. The banners are now mostly digital prints having pictures and text rather than just text by screen printing. I guess technology advanced made a difference here.  I would personally would like to see the meaning of text larger so I could read it. i am guessing in the future we might just us LEDs with animated slides of multiple ayat rather than just a single one.
2. The crowd was not as large as it used to be.  My guess it is due to the long school holiday.  Also…  One time I remembered women were allowed to join the procession,  but for the last decade they have only been reserved to stay at the padang. but now i didn’t see many attending.
3. A lot more people handing out drinks to the walkers.  (processioners? ) some rubbish bins were prepared, but it was inadequate. Bottles were still lying around. Fortunately the city cleaners were working overtime that day.  Good job guys.  Passed by the route in the afternoon didn’t see any leftovers. Might need to remind the walkers to keep the city clean.  It is either they throw it properly,  or they bring the bottles unroll they can find a proper disposal.
4. The procession was more orderly,  but it is either because of the small numbers or I didn’t rush along this time around to catch up with his majesty.
5. There were no “lepaking” at yayasan.  Either because I came in later,  or there weren’t many youths,  or simply most people nowadays are in a hurry to go back home where they are more comfortable or some where more happening, rather then hangout at a now relatively desolate bandar.

This time around it was relaxed for me.  Next one I plan to chase his majesty,  and then go around a second time.


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