lessons of war from the hobbit

I recently learnt that the author of the hobbit was a survivor of world war I. and that his writings were inspired from his experience as well as his upbringing and academic interests. knowing this, I watched the movie with a different perspective.  Rather than just taking awe in the scenery,  the fights and the characters.  I viewed it as a story told by a war veteran. The hobbit and lord of the rings shared a common story.
Generally,  the story started with a young man who is by all accounts innocent,  was thrusted into the world of war through promises of adventure and a sense of purpose. There he bonds with his buddies/compadres/friends of different backgrounds and different races. Experiences the action and the casualties of war.  At the end, by chance or by luck he survives, but he suffers from loss of for ends and the trauma of war.  A changed man.
Watching the movie I was saddened to see the reality of war.  It is either the result of a mad dictator realizing their visions come true by oppressing other people (Sauron,  Hitler) , or by people with good intentions but misunderstands and mistrusts each other, especially with a belief of scarce resources (elves vs dwarves / Israel vs Palestine ).
Even sad,  was in all this war,  there is a side that does nothing… us (and USA in world war I).  Seating in our chairs,  comfortable. Obsessed with our own desires, believing that the war has nothing to do with us, that it won’t reach us,  or at the least we cannot do anything in our place. 
This feeling is unsettling. As it probably should. Leaves me with thoughts, such as  what does it take?  And what can I do in my own small way?  To achieve world peace!? To share this insight,  to tell friends,  to inspire others.  That we can live in this world in peace. To help people understand each other,  to trust each other.
Or will there be a need for a bigger villain?  that would unite the world together. But if we don’t get together soon, the smarter villain need not interfere,  for we might just destroy ourselves soon. But here is the scary part,  if we don’t go to war with ourselves,  then the villain will need to either pool their resources together more, or incite war within us anyway to ease their job.
Overall a very inspiring movie. Tolkien may have used stories to share his truth about the bleakness war, on it’s causes and effects. And its consequences to the individual that survives the war. Thank you film makers for realizing his vision, and inspiring the world with stories.
“artists uses lies to tell the truth” – v for vendetta.


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