Treating an insect bite or sting

when i came back home yesterday from a hike my wife had been stung on her right toe. my original plan now spoiled (sorry guys i couldn’t make it to breakfast), I  needed to tend to her. she was in pain. a previous first aid training was helpful (thanks dina).
First ascertain that she wasn’t having a severe allergic reaction and having difficulty of breathing,  then checked the the wound for any stings left.  Apparently it wasn’t a bee, or else there would be a sting left.  So it was either a a wasp,  or a hornet but they could have stung her more than once,  could have been a bite rather than a sting.  My wife identified it as a big black bee with a dark orange ring on it’s abdomen. Sounded like a bumble bee. But do we have those in Brunei?
So nothing to pull out I cleaned the wound. There was a drop of dried blood.  And then placed the feet in ice cold water.
I periodically asked how she felt to make sure she wasn’t getting worst.  Also tried to YouTube a few funny videos to make her laugh and distract from the pain. I also was trying to identify the insect online as well as get more info on treatment.
My wife was upset not just at the bee for the pain, but it was ruining her plans to go out that day.  But after the pain subsided,  though her feet started too swell lightly,  she decided that no bee is going to spoil her day.  And we went to the mall to have our late lunch/ early dinner, then look around and then watched a movie. It was one of the slowest walks I have taken in years. Her feet swelled more with rest during the movie,  so she decided to walk around some more at yayasan, where we met her sister and family (they heard about the incident and didn’t tell my wife so she wouldn’t go out to join them,  but we coincidentally did any way) Before she slept she put on some cream on her legs and wore socks for compression.
I downloaded web MD for Android and found a few pointers.


Didn’t try the interval cooling.  Tried the raising of the leg but she felt it got worst. Interestingly,  both my wife and I dislike going to the hospital,  so we don’t go there unless absolutely necessary. And we try not to take any medicine.  Just food and supplements please. We took vitamin c supplements and ate pineapple for the swelling,  and drank cold water to help flush the toxin from her system. We will see this morning when she wakes up if she feels better or do we need to go to doctor.


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