Trying out

I was trying to order from, tried and technically succeeded. I saw there was a golden crust offer buy 1 free 1, so I wanted to order. But this is the first time I tried ordering anything, so I had to register online. After I registered I continued with my order for delivery, Somehow the address I entered was invalid and pop-up said contact 2226111, so I did, and I asked, and they said the buy 1 free 1 offer is only valid for pick up. no biggie, my office is just 5 minutes walk from pizza hut airport mall. So… I went online again, this time went for pickup, but alas… the pickups were only from the PHD branches, the Pizza hut delivery branches. So I called again, apparently if I wanted to order from pizza hut at airport mall, I need to call their direct line… but then I realized… the buy 1 free 1 offer was online, if i called up, they might not have that offer (might, I did not confirm), plus I really wanted to try ordering online. also I already invested in spending time on this website and registering. so I decided to just order pickup from kiulap, it is on the way back to work later. additionally, friday they say they are closed from 12pm-2pm, so put up that I will pick up at 2:01pm (I forgot to mention, they have advance delivery/pickup). Let us see if they have my order by that time or I have to wait longer… my guess they could probably cook it earlier and just keep it warm till that time, we’ll see…


I arrived 2:01pm, the door was opened but I saw only one guy in the kitchen. he came out and apologize that I may have to wait 10 minutes for the pizza to warm up. I got my pizza and left at 2:15pm. Pizza hut brunei website should probably update the pick up availability in the afternoon to 2:15pm. either that or the workers should have been there 1:45pm on a friday.


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