Daily Archives: 2015/11/04

If you want to have something you never have, you have to do something you have never done

Wanna be rich? Do what rich people do that you dont do.
Wanna be famous do what they do.
Wanna lose weight and get fit? Gotta do the work that fit people do.
Wanna achieve something that u never got? Gotta do something you have never done!
You cant expect to get something new, if you do same old thing.
To get results, you gotta do the action, and to do anything, you gotta have a reason to do it, and you gotta believe you can do it.
Be, do, have.
Ps, I cant seem to find the legit source for the quote in the title. Some say Thomas jefferson, but only found first published in 2004. I’ll stick with the unknown.