Floating vs Treading Water

“Do you teach floating?”

I often get this question, either in promoting the swim classes, or during the class.

First and foremost…

What most people mean when they ask this question is actually treading. What’s the difference? Floating is when you don’t move and your body floats, treading is usually when someone needs to move in a certain way to keep their body afloat.

It is a lot easier for a floater than a sinker to tread water. see another article.

It is difficult, or impossible for a sinker to float. Because… sinkers sink.

The main reason some people ask this is because it is a requirement, mostly for entering the military, they are required to tread (what they say is float…) for a minute.

In my classes, I may teach this by request. But I must emphasize that treading or floating is not a sustainable way of surviving in the water, especially most people do not know the proper techniques to do so.

For more information on swimming classes. Go to www.effortlessswim.com


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