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Insurance for Bicycles in Brunei

the local insurance company recently provided an insurance product to cater for the cyclists in Brunei.


All risk takaful for Bicycle in Brunei.
eligibility, for bicycles:

  • less than 6 years
  • priced above $1,000
  • bicycle owners in Brunei Darussalam


  • accidental damage
  • fire and theft (with forcible entry)
  • loss or damage from collission or overturning
  • located in Brunei Darussalam

Click to access AR-for-Bicycle-Brochure-and-PF.pdf

the following pdf is a clarification of the terms and conditions of the insurance.

Click to access Takaful_AR_Bicycle_CW_2017.pdf

for more info, go the website at


Brunei Law on Cycling

I know a few people complain about cyclists on the road. And I keep on reminding them that the road is to be shared by everyone, including the cyclists. Especially since some bikes are named as “Roadbikes”.

Included here is a pdf from the AGC on the road rules concerning Roadbikes.


Click to access s050.pdf


  • Towing not permitted.
  • Restriction on number of persons carried.
  • Riders to give signals. (slowing down palm face down up and down, turn to indicate with the relevant hand with palm facing front)
  • Signals to be made in sufficient time.
  • Travelling abreast prohibited. (generally right of cars, right of pedestrians and other cyclists is allowed)
  • Bicycle to be ridden on the left side of road. (this kinda proves bikes are allowed)
  • Load on bicycle. (no extra load then is designed)
  • Bicycle to be ridden in orderly manner.
  • Lights to be carried by bicycles during darkness. Restrictions on nature of lights. (white light in front, red light at the back)
  • Wearing of protective helmets. (shall wear, but the rule after that makes it sound like a must…)

some of the rules are also embedded into the road traffic rules that applies to all road users in