Brunei Law on Cycling

I know a few people complain about cyclists on the road. And I keep on reminding them that the road is to be shared by everyone, including the cyclists. Especially since some bikes are named as “Roadbikes”.

Included here is a pdf from the AGC on the road rules concerning Roadbikes.


Click to access s050.pdf


  • Towing not permitted.
  • Restriction on number of persons carried.
  • Riders to give signals. (slowing down palm face down up and down, turn to indicate with the relevant hand with palm facing front)
  • Signals to be made in sufficient time.
  • Travelling abreast prohibited. (generally right of cars, right of pedestrians and other cyclists is allowed)
  • Bicycle to be ridden on the left side of road. (this kinda proves bikes are allowed)
  • Load on bicycle. (no extra load then is designed)
  • Bicycle to be ridden in orderly manner.
  • Lights to be carried by bicycles during darkness. Restrictions on nature of lights. (white light in front, red light at the back)
  • Wearing of protective helmets. (shall wear, but the rule after that makes it sound like a must…)

some of the rules are also embedded into the road traffic rules that applies to all road users in



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