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2 hour track run

There was a 2 hour track run event organized by IMAP and Persatuan Care. They shared it is in preparation to do a 24 hour event.

track challenge 2.0

It was cool to see a lot of familiar faces. It was also intimidating to see a lot of people who were faster than me. especially since I haven’t done long runs since my injury early this year. I was planning to do the whole thing moderately, but the first 5km I realized that I was following the fast pack at pace 5. So I then slowed down to a pace 6-7 subsequently. The soundtrack was amazing, majority was Linkin Park. A few times the soundtrack was so upbeat and inspiring that my pace went fast again. and then twice hiking/running buddies was teasing and baiting me to run fast and I did, until the new(This shows in the graph below as 2 spikes). The dips was mostly me stopping by the water point and walking for a few meters before I ran again.

I realized there was the shoulder pain after 10km. Interestingly the pain I felt was behind the right shoulder blade, despite my injury being my AC joint, which is connection between my clavicle and my arm, which is in front. My guess my back muscle was compensating for the weakness in the joint.

20170522 2 hour track run

My results can be found on the website at

looking at the ranking:

  • Overall rank of 25 of 43
  • Male Rank of 22 of 36
  • In 2 hours did 43 laps or 17.2 km (which my gps detected as 18km)
  • my average pace was 6:53, (gps watch states 6:45)

It was impressive for me to be still be able to do that distance in that amount of time despite not having trained much for 3 months. It gives me comfort and confidence that I may still be able make it for my Langkawi Ironman in November this year.





Fasting day 4 – aiming for 48 hours fast.

I have to admit, I was disappointed at myself for not making the 7 day fast. I have now decided to make it as long as I am able, at some point I will face social pressures and that I seem to have a weakness. If only I can break my fast by myself or just with my wife I can carry on. But to break with other people is just too tempting. I figure I will still lose weight anyway, but not as much.

This day started of with work, I did spend sometime in the toilet to defecate, it was more difficult and painful than usual, my guess the body was already not used to moving foods around. We were planning for a short bicycle ride after work before the break. But it rained.  We drove for a while around BSB, and when it stopped raining we decided to hike at Tasek Lama. Just sarang pipit as it was already late after 5pm. We did 1.6km hike in about 30mins.

The stalls were still selling drinks, so at the end of the hike, my wife bought the sugarless coconut drink. Tempted to get my own, considering it has no sugar, and my bpdy will still metabolize fat from the drink, but it still contains calories, so my body will use the calories from the drink instead of my body. 

Since my wife had a craving to reward herself with cake, we dropped by le apple at menglait. It started to rain heavily again as we drove there and went home.

We arrived home just in time. My wife broke her fast with her meals while I just drank water. But as the smell was so enticing, I asked for a sliver of fish she bought. I know a bit of a cheat. Just a bit. I just trust that the calories in that sliver is insignificant enough.

Went to bed early at 10pm, woke up at 5am, unfortunately no time to drink, and went back to sleep. My urine this morning is pale, so I trust that I had enough water last night.

This morning my weight is Almost close to my lowest weight of 88.5kg in February before my injury. I think at the end of the week I should be able to reach that. 

I am thinking I may evemtually be able to fast the 7 days, as long as I avoid social dining. It would be easy during workdays. So next week I am confident I can do at least 5 days. But today I plan to break.

Fasting day 3 – I broke

It has been an amazing 72 hours, I could probably have held longer, but I caved in. I  realized wasnt feeling super hungry or famished, but it was more of falling into temptation. I knew it was going to be challenging. Breaking the fast with just water, with other people. I shared that I was gonna only break with water, but people still offered, the nephews asked why I am not eating, the food smelled great, and then there were those leftovers, and the fruits. The thoughts of when do I have this opportunity again? Why leave the food go to waste? Feeling it was rude to deny the host their hospitality. How it was a home cooked/prepared meal.

My weakness wasn’t that I was feeling the hunger. I was feeling the social pressure of dining in a group. It has been easy the past days, as I did not break fast with a group until today.

My choice now is either to continue the fast but with periodic break with food when I am with people, or be steadfast with just water even when I am with them. Or not be with people during the break at all. I realize it is the programming I have when I am with people. When I am in a group dining, I have a need to dine with them. When I am offered food, it is difficult for me to say no. And when I see leftovers,  itis difficult for me not to be the one to fin ish it.

At least a few things came out of this. 

  1. I know I can water fast for at least 72 hours.
  2. I realize what my weaknesses are in terms of my mental programming regarding eating and finishing food.
  3. I have already gone down to 90.1kg from 93.3kg.

My wife shared that we will be dining with her sister again on the 5th day. So i guess most likely I will do a 2 day fast till then. Easy. Maybe I can add a more intensive or volumous exercise to make it more challenging for the 2 days.

On different note and possibly disgusting one. During the 3 days fast, I haven’t gone and done number 2, but I have had a few incidence of flatulence. Which begs the question, what and how am I farting? Food waste left in my intestines from 3 days ago? In any case, the moment I ate, my intestines have started being active again. I have read it is best to break the fast with veggies and fruits, I am guessing its for the fibre. I will consider and test this for my next break.

Fasting day 2

48 hours of water fasting. I personally believe that even during we fasting we should maintain physical activity. So me and my wife did an open water swim on a sunday morning like we sometimes do. There is a common misconception that one should not swim during fast, if someone does a quick google search they can see it is allowed. For example 

The swim was slow and relax for the most part. According to my watch, we did 1000m of open water swimming at pantai berakas. The water was clear on shore, but it got cloudy as we swam out. I thought the challenge would be afterwards, as we usually had felt hungry breakfast after a morning swim. Fortunately it didn’t come to that.

20170529 morning swim

We were originally planning to go straight home, but decided instead to do some errands and do some grocery shopping. It was surprising that the roads are relatively quiet. I guess most people haven’t woken up or they are not in Brunei.

Went home and slept through lunch time again. I was expecting my body would be cold right now as I  sometimes feel during my previous intermittent fast. But I still feels warm. I guess my body has still a lot of energy to burn.  My guess either I still have a lot of glycogen in my muscles, or I am beginning to access my fat stores effectively to keep my body warm. I am very sure there is no refined carbs in my system as I haven’t eaten anything for the last 36 hours at this point.

My wife has a craving for her favorite barbecued chicken, so we dropped by and bought some for her break. I didnt have any, but boy does it smell delicious. While I simply sip on my plain water.

After breaking the fast, we went for a bicycle ride. Planned for an hour, but we cut it short to just 10km in 30mins. Then at night we drove to meet up my wife’s sister in lamunin. Strangely felt sleepy. I remember sometimes feeling sleepy after a heavy meal, but today I didn’t have anything but water.

20170529 night ride

I was doing a simple calculation. If the average person burns on average of 1800 calories everyday. And 1 gram of fat burns 9 calories. So I could potentially lose 200 grams of fat everyday. So I should only lose 1.4 kilograms per week. I started of the fasting month at 93kg. As I weighed last night I was at 90.5kg. It is either I am burning more fat than average, or most of this is loss of water weight. I will look at it again at the end of the week.

At this point I am just amazed that the body can withstand 48 hours without food. I have read some people being able to this for 7 days, and even upto 40 days. Tempted to do it for the whole month. But I am very sure that at some point, I would like to taste some of the food and drinks that is usually found only in this special month. We will see at the end of the week.

Fasting Day 1

Ever since i discovered intermittent fast, I was fascinated to try the 7 day fast or maybe even the 30 day fast, but work and social life was a very easy excuse to use. I told myself that if i can fast 12-18 hours on normal days, I could try the 7 days fast during the fasting month. So here I am first day of ramadhan, and I am going to try the 7 day fast. I will do the normal ramadhan fast, but I will not be eating during the sumgkai or sahur, just drinking water.

Day 1

Spent the night before watching netflix, woke up late in the morning, and spent it watching gilmore girls on netflix (finally), slept through lunch time (no lunch of course), continued with some more gilmore girls, before prepping to cycle.

The cycle was suppose to be a 1 hour bike ride, or about 20km for my wife’s speed. During the bike ride at 25mins, we decided to skip the u-turn and go further, which was another 5km before the next turn. We ended up with an additional 10km and 20mins. Broke our fast late when we arrived home. (reminder to bring a water bottle to break the fast during the bike, just in case).

20170527 fasted cycling.PNG

Late night, My wife wanted to eat out for dinner. So we went out, but i only had a spoonful of what she had, just for a bit of taste and no more.

At home drank some more water before going to sleep. My only concern during this 7 day fast is being dehydrated. I have experienced dehydration during a normal single day fast and it was almost unbearable, almost.