Fasting Day 1

Ever since i discovered intermittent fast, I was fascinated to try the 7 day fast or maybe even the 30 day fast, but work and social life was a very easy excuse to use. I told myself that if i can fast 12-18 hours on normal days, I could try the 7 days fast during the fasting month. So here I am first day of ramadhan, and I am going to try the 7 day fast. I will do the normal ramadhan fast, but I will not be eating during the sumgkai or sahur, just drinking water.

Day 1

Spent the night before watching netflix, woke up late in the morning, and spent it watching gilmore girls on netflix (finally), slept through lunch time (no lunch of course), continued with some more gilmore girls, before prepping to cycle.

The cycle was suppose to be a 1 hour bike ride, or about 20km for my wife’s speed. During the bike ride at 25mins, we decided to skip the u-turn and go further, which was another 5km before the next turn. We ended up with an additional 10km and 20mins. Broke our fast late when we arrived home. (reminder to bring a water bottle to break the fast during the bike, just in case).

20170527 fasted cycling.PNG

Late night, My wife wanted to eat out for dinner. So we went out, but i only had a spoonful of what she had, just for a bit of taste and no more.

At home drank some more water before going to sleep. My only concern during this 7 day fast is being dehydrated. I have experienced dehydration during a normal single day fast and it was almost unbearable, almost.


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