Fasting day 2

48 hours of water fasting. I personally believe that even during we fasting we should maintain physical activity. So me and my wife did an open water swim on a sunday morning like we sometimes do. There is a common misconception that one should not swim during fast, if someone does a quick google search they can see it is allowed. For example 

The swim was slow and relax for the most part. According to my watch, we did 1000m of open water swimming at pantai berakas. The water was clear on shore, but it got cloudy as we swam out. I thought the challenge would be afterwards, as we usually had felt hungry breakfast after a morning swim. Fortunately it didn’t come to that.

20170529 morning swim

We were originally planning to go straight home, but decided instead to do some errands and do some grocery shopping. It was surprising that the roads are relatively quiet. I guess most people haven’t woken up or they are not in Brunei.

Went home and slept through lunch time again. I was expecting my body would be cold right now as I  sometimes feel during my previous intermittent fast. But I still feels warm. I guess my body has still a lot of energy to burn.  My guess either I still have a lot of glycogen in my muscles, or I am beginning to access my fat stores effectively to keep my body warm. I am very sure there is no refined carbs in my system as I haven’t eaten anything for the last 36 hours at this point.

My wife has a craving for her favorite barbecued chicken, so we dropped by and bought some for her break. I didnt have any, but boy does it smell delicious. While I simply sip on my plain water.

After breaking the fast, we went for a bicycle ride. Planned for an hour, but we cut it short to just 10km in 30mins. Then at night we drove to meet up my wife’s sister in lamunin. Strangely felt sleepy. I remember sometimes feeling sleepy after a heavy meal, but today I didn’t have anything but water.

20170529 night ride

I was doing a simple calculation. If the average person burns on average of 1800 calories everyday. And 1 gram of fat burns 9 calories. So I could potentially lose 200 grams of fat everyday. So I should only lose 1.4 kilograms per week. I started of the fasting month at 93kg. As I weighed last night I was at 90.5kg. It is either I am burning more fat than average, or most of this is loss of water weight. I will look at it again at the end of the week.

At this point I am just amazed that the body can withstand 48 hours without food. I have read some people being able to this for 7 days, and even upto 40 days. Tempted to do it for the whole month. But I am very sure that at some point, I would like to taste some of the food and drinks that is usually found only in this special month. We will see at the end of the week.


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