Fasting day 3 – I broke

It has been an amazing 72 hours, I could probably have held longer, but I caved in. I  realized wasnt feeling super hungry or famished, but it was more of falling into temptation. I knew it was going to be challenging. Breaking the fast with just water, with other people. I shared that I was gonna only break with water, but people still offered, the nephews asked why I am not eating, the food smelled great, and then there were those leftovers, and the fruits. The thoughts of when do I have this opportunity again? Why leave the food go to waste? Feeling it was rude to deny the host their hospitality. How it was a home cooked/prepared meal.

My weakness wasn’t that I was feeling the hunger. I was feeling the social pressure of dining in a group. It has been easy the past days, as I did not break fast with a group until today.

My choice now is either to continue the fast but with periodic break with food when I am with people, or be steadfast with just water even when I am with them. Or not be with people during the break at all. I realize it is the programming I have when I am with people. When I am in a group dining, I have a need to dine with them. When I am offered food, it is difficult for me to say no. And when I see leftovers,  itis difficult for me not to be the one to fin ish it.

At least a few things came out of this. 

  1. I know I can water fast for at least 72 hours.
  2. I realize what my weaknesses are in terms of my mental programming regarding eating and finishing food.
  3. I have already gone down to 90.1kg from 93.3kg.

My wife shared that we will be dining with her sister again on the 5th day. So i guess most likely I will do a 2 day fast till then. Easy. Maybe I can add a more intensive or volumous exercise to make it more challenging for the 2 days.

On different note and possibly disgusting one. During the 3 days fast, I haven’t gone and done number 2, but I have had a few incidence of flatulence. Which begs the question, what and how am I farting? Food waste left in my intestines from 3 days ago? In any case, the moment I ate, my intestines have started being active again. I have read it is best to break the fast with veggies and fruits, I am guessing its for the fibre. I will consider and test this for my next break.


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