Day 6 – 2nd try for a 7 day fast

Waking up from a vivid dream, prepared for another fast day on a work day.  Shared with a co worker on the successful 3 day fast, and she asked a few questions and shared a few comments, which now writing it up, sounds no different from questions about a normal fast. I will outline some of the questions and answer plus extras below.

Q: Don’t u feel hungry?

A: Of course I do, but I realize that hunger is a feeling, more of a craving in most cases. doing the intermittent fast, I tend to stretch my fasting times further and further as I realize the difference between true hunger and craving.


Q: Don’t you feel tired?

A: Nope. Not more tired then usual. Keeping in mind though I believe a key to become tireless is by being active through exercise and training. I have energy to do exercise during normal days, and I have done training even through a fasted. Which I think helps my body use the fat storage that I already have. I think I may have become more fat adapted than most people.


Q: Won’t you suffer from Hypoglycaemia? (Low blood sugar)

A: Not yet, I admit, I think I have experienced it before, during my low carb year in 2012. I broke most of my fast with a low carb meal. But it was in the last day I experienced symptoms. I felt cold, but I was sweating. before this I rarely feel cold, I usually could still fill hot in an air-conditioned room.  I think this could still be a possibility, but I know I can do something about it as soon as possible, it’s not difficult to find a source of carbohydrates. I think my fasted training and recent intermittent fasting has caused my body to use my fat storage more effectively. The body and brain can actually use ketones broken down from fat cells instead of carbohydrates.


Q: Won’t you go into starvation mode?

A: What is that exactly? Most people state something about the body will go in starvation mode, so then the body will use up the protein in the body, and once you start to eat, then the body will store fat more easily… Here’s the thing… This is what the body normally does. And… the body only uses the protein once all other sources of energy is gone. First carbohydrates (glucose) that is already in the blood, then glycogen stored in the muscles and the liver, then the fat in fat cells around the body, and finally the protein from the muscles itself. So as long as there are fat cells that can be accessed, protein is safe.


Q: Won’t you get gastric/peptic ulcers?

A: This is a very common misconception, the truth that was only discovered relatively recently. Gastritis is not caused by lack of food. A very common excuse used by most people who fail at fasting. What is funny is that some people shared that consuming certain foods or drinks may flare it up. The truth is that it is mostly caused by an infection of the stomache.



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