Day 8 – 3rd Day of 2nd try

Here I am again, 3rd day of water fasting. In the morning I woke up at 3 am, and didn’t sleep at all. at 6:30 sent my wife to her SUP class, while I watched house of cards on netflix. And then we went home. I slept between 11am till 2pm, catching up on my lack of sleep. In the afternoon we decided to do an easy bike ride. While we were riding we tried out a bluetooth walkie talkie app so we can easily talk to each other. The problem is a slight delay, and even more so, is the noise during cycling, such as the wind or cars passing by. We probably need to get better earphones, maybe with noise cancellation features.

20170604 afternoon cycling

Before the Break fast, I weighed myself at 87.5! the lowest I have ever been in a long time. During the break I only drank cold water. At 9:45pm I joined a night hike at tasek lama. I brought some water bottles, but even then I didn’t drink a single drop until we finished the hike. It was a huge group, we got separated as some went through different routes, but at least each had their guides or leaders. My group and a few others exited behind radisson hotel, and we ran back to tasek lama by road. Someone offered M&Ms and I took a single one.

20170604 evening hiking

It feels awesome that I am doing activities while doing a water fast. I feel confident that my body is using my stored fat, I mean, where else is all the energy coming from? Now I just need to continue for 4 more days to get to 7 days fast.


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